Upcoming Bioethics & Society Coffee Breaks: Getting Published in Bioethics.

I am delighted to announce two upcoming Bioethics & Society coffee breaks in August focused on getting published in bioethics.

The first one will be on Wednesday August 3rd from 9 am to 10 am BST  via Teams ( email me for link).

Our first guest is Tessa Holzman, class of 2019, PhD candidate at Monash University in Melbourne.  (Please note the early start to accommodate the 9 hours time-zone difference!)

Tess is currently doing her PhD at the Bioethics Centre at Monash University in end-of-life ethics. Her PhD focuses on the same topic as her Master’s dissertation (and subsequent publication), namely the ethical implications and difficulties involved in granting voluntary assisted dying for existential, rather than physical or psychological suffering. She is also writing a novel on the same topic. 

Here is the link to Tessa’s article, based on her MSc dissertation


The second coffee break  will feature Yuxuan Su, class of 2021, and will take place via Teams on Tuesday August 9th at 4:30 pm BST. Here’s the link to Yuxuan’s article, based on his MSc dissertation:


If interested email me for the link.

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