I am pleased to report I was recently appointed External Advisor for Bioethics for the DTC company DNAFit:


Recent (2016/17) media and outreach work:

Radio and Television Commentary and Expert Opinion

 BBC News Hour Extra (Radio)

Commentary for: “A flickering flame: Is the Olympic ideal dead?” (2016, July 29).


BBC World News (Television)

Expert opinion on the case of eugenics victims receiving compensation for sterilisation in Virginia. (2015, February 27):

BBC World Service (Radio)

Expert opinion on Dutee Chand’s case. (March 23, 2015). https://soundcloud.com/bbc-world-service/what-makes-a-woman

 BBC Have Your Say (Radio)

Expert opinion on Dutee Chand’s case. (March 23, 2015). http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02m31rq

 BBC Radio 4 News (Radio)

Expert opinion on Dutee Chand’s case. (March 23, 2015). http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05mrc53

 References to My Work in Mainstream Media and Professional Outlets in 2016:


East, S. (2016, August 12). Should a woman’s testosterone level matter in sports?

 The Guardian

Pielke Jr., R. (2016, August 3). Get ready for the coming wave of technologically enhanced athletes.


Camporesi, S. (2016, August 10). Why Caster Semanya and Dutee Chand Deserve to Compete at Rio 2016: Do female athletes with high levels of testosterone have an unfair advantage?

 The Mail and Guardian

Saba, A. (2016, August 25). Has gender verification made women’s athletics into a sordid masquerade?

Los Angeles Daily News

Reid, S. (2016, August 1). Wave of controversy surrounds track star Caster Semenya.

International Bar Association

Green, R. (2016, August 22). Suspended hyperandrogenism regulations under the spotlight at Rio Olympics.

In addition I write regularly for the Huffington Post US Blog:



Un paio di articoli in italiano per Pagina 99 datati 10 dicembre 2016 e intitolati “Correggere il DNA materno per eliminare difetti genetici” firmati da Angela Simone e che contengono una mia intervista: