Forthcoming events in 2022

October 2022

Wednesday October 19th, 2022

  • 8pm to 9:30pm, Melbourne Australia AEST
  • 11am to 12:30pm, London
  • 12pm to 1:30pm, Johannesburg

I will give a seminar via Zoom as part of the COVID-19 Narrative Research Seminar series at Monash University.

Details and link to register to the seminar can be found here. All welcome!

December 2022

Friday December 9th, 2022

I will be a guest of the ELSI Friday Forum Seminar Series hosted by UC San Diego. Topic will be ethics of gene doping. Other panelists: Sarah Polcz, Fellow in Law and Bioethics, Stanford University, and Thomas Murray, President Emeritus, Hastings Center for Bioethics. Details to follow here.  All welcome!

Past events


September 2022

On September 20-21st, I participated in an expert workshop on “Concussion ethics; concept, science, policy” organised by the iCeris Centre at KU Leuven.

On September 7th, I gave a seminar as part of the Institute of Medical Ethics online seminar series, on the topic of “Proportionality in the management of the covid-19 health emergency in Italy in 2020: a narrative ethics approach“.

On August 25th I gave two papers (in person) at the 19th Biennal European Society for Health and Medical Sociology conference, with theme “Healthscapes. Shaping the future of the post-pandemic society”.

The first paper is titled “What experts? Whose advice? The “Delphi oracle” and “Moses tablets” in the management of the covid19 health emergency in Italy” with Giorgia Dal Fabbro (University of Trento), and Professor Federica Angeli (University of York).

The second paper is titled “A public health ethics perspective on age-based COVID-19 preventive measures in Southern Switzerland” with Dr Laurie Corna,  Dr David Maciariello, and Professor Stefano Cavalli (University of Applied Sciences & Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI))

The full programme of the conference can be dowloaded here.

On June 18th, 2022 I gave a paper titled “It didn’t have to be this way: A narrative ethics approach to lockdown in Italy in 2020” at a symposium held at King’s College London in honour of Professor Brian Hurwitz.


May 13th, 2021 Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bologna. “Vaccini e sviluppo del farmaco: tra verità, miti e falsità” (panel event in Italian). The recording of this event is available here:

April 13th, 2021, I gave a talk as  part of the Medical Cultures Lab, a scholarly network of the University of California, San Francisco, with title “Mobilization of expert knowledge and advice for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy”.

March 30th, 2021, I delivered the 2021 Baron de Lancey Lecture at the University of Cambridge (UK), with title: “Law, Hormones, and Sport: a level playing field?”. Registration is open for this event here:

The recording of this event (lecture + Q&A) is now available here:

February 23rd, 2021.  Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bologna. “The legacy of Caster Semenya: Unfair Advantages, Equality of Opportunity and the Construction of Categories in Sport”

The recording of the seminar is available here:

January 15th, 2021. I spoke at the Institute of Medical Ethics Virtual Conference: Ethics lessons from a pandemic.   on the topic of ethics of accelerated drug development.

Here is the recording of my session:



  • Sunday November 3rd, 2019 at 4 pm, I participated in a debate at Battle of Ideas titled “Caster Semenya, running into controversy: genes, gender and sport
  • On October 10th, 2019 I participated in a debate with Julian Savulescu on ‘Doping in sport’ for the MSc in Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford.
  • In April I presented a paper at the British Philosophy of Sport Annual Conference (Oxford April 2nd-5th) titled “Unfair advantages in sport: What sort of evidence should the Court of Arbitration for Sport consider in relation to the ‘Semenya, ASA and IAAF’ case?”
  • MaiSi Erasmus Mundus Programme MA Prague March 27-29th, 2019. I taught four sessions for the students of the Sports Ethics & Integrity MA funded by the European Union on the topic of ‘unfair advantages: testosterone, assistive technology, and race in sport’. Great cohort, fantastic discussions! thanks to Professors Jim Parry and Irena Martinkova for inviting me.


2017 Events

I gave two seminar at the Maine Medical Center Research Institute in August.

In the first one, on August 21st (10 am to 12 pm), I discussed the emerging ethical issues of CRISPR genome editing technology.

In case you missed it and are curious, here’s the PDF presentation.Camporesi CRISPR Embryo Research_MMRCI 08.21.17

In the second one, on August 28th (5:30 -6:30 pm), I talked about “Gene Enhancement and Gene Doping: The Next Big Threat to the Spirit of Sport?”

In case you missed it and are curious, here’s the PDF presentation Silvia Gene Enhancement MMC 08 28 17

On May 4, 2017 I spoke at the Sport Resolutions Annual Conference taking place in London on May 4th on hyperandrogenism, ethics and athletics.

On April 5th, 2017, I spoke at the Oxford Mt Sinai Consortium on April 5th, 2017. The title of my talk is “Investigating Public Trust in Expert Knowledge: Narrative, Ethics, and Engagement”. You can access the full programme of the conference here: Oxford Mt Sinai Consortium Programme 2017.

February 27, 2017:

camporesi-cartolina-webOn February 27th I gave a talk (in Italian) at the Fondazione Bassetti in Milano on the topic of “Investigating Public Trust in Expert Knowledge: Narrative, Ethics and Engagement”.

For Italian-speaking: il mio intervento su “Fiducia pubblica nei saperi esperti in medicina e tecnoscienza” tenuto alla Fondazione Basssetti a Milano il 28 febbraio 2017 e’ online: la registrazione dell’incontro (intervento, piu’ domande), comprese le slides e il testo dell’intervento:

Un sentito ringraziamento a Angela Simone, Tommaso Correale, Anna Pellizzone, Francesco Samore’ e il Presidente Piero Bassetti per avermi ospitata!

February 8th, 2017: launch of  Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Investigating Public Trust in Expert Knowledge Symposium at King’s College London.

publicTrust Symposium1.jpg

with (left to right) Mark Davis, Maria Vaccarella and Deborah Bowman

On October 27th I gave a plenary session on the ethical issues of CRISPR genome editing: human and non-human applications at the CRISPR-based genome engineering training day held at VIB in Leuven on October 27th, 2016. You can access the pdf of my talk here:


and the paper on which it is based here:


With Bioethics & Society  alumn Andrew Barnhart at ASBH 2016!

On October 6-9th I attended the annual meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities in Washington D.C., where I represented King’s Bioethics & Society MA Programme that I direct, and  I chaired a panel presenting the forthcoming special issue of Journal Bioethical Inquiry on Investigating public trust in expert knowledge: narrative, ethics and engagement (March, 2017). I also gave a paper on Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing. For more info on the panel and forthcoming of the special issue:


2016 Events

I chaired the Bioethics panel at the Gap Summit (Global Biotech Revolution) in Cambridge UK, April 4-6th, 2016. Here is the full recording of the bioethics panel discussion:

and here is my interview, where I answer the question: “Which debates do you think will be most important in biotechnology and bioethics by 2050?”

In late April 2016 I gave a few invited talks on CRISPR genome editing in the Bay Area.

On April 26th , I gave an invited talk at the Center for Law & Biosciences at Stanford University, where I discussed the ethical and political relevance of the somatic/germ-line distinction in the CRISPR genome editing debate. On April 27th I gave a talk titled “ “CRISPR/Cas9 Genome editing: Bioethics and Biopolitics in the UK and US” as part of the Culpeper Seminar Series at the Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine at UCSF, where she was formerly   a visiting research fellow. I was also interviewed by Professor of Social Medicine at UCSF, about her book “From Bench to Bedside, to Track and Field: The Context of Enhancement and its Ethical Relevance”, published for UC Medical Humanities Press. In the interview I discuss how genome editing technologies to alter the human embryo and to select children’s traits, genetic technologies to enhance athletic performance, and doping in professional sport. The podcast of the interview is available here:

To conclude my visit to the Bay Area I gave a talk the Markkula Centre for Applied Ethics, at Santa Clara University. The podcast of the talk and the slides are available here:

2015 Events

October 19th, 2015, Department of Philosophy Birmingham University, Invited Seminar : “A call for creativity in the CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing debate”

November 18th, 2015, Department of Science & Technology Studies, University College London, Invited Seminar  “The emergence of socio-technical imaginaries in the CRISPR/Cas9 debate”

October 1st 2015, Institute of Biomedical Ethics, Basel University (Switzerland), Invited Seminar: Genome Editing, Bioethics Policy and Politics in the US and the UK.

June 18, 2015  2nd IME Research Conference, Newcastle University.  I will be one of the panelists (Dr Lucy Frith, Dr Zoe Fritz, Dr Jon Ives) discussing interdisciplinary approach to Bioethics

June 13, 2015. Delighted I will be one of the speakers at Critical Voices 2015, Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells.

April 13-15, 2015Annual Conference of the British Philosophy of Sport Association, University of Sunderland.

February 4, 2015 SSHM Seminar Series. “Stop this talk of new eugenics! Reframing the discourse surrounding reproductive genetic technologies”. The recording of this talk is available here.

At my book launch, January 19, 2015

At my book launch, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015: MY BOOK LAUNCH!  SW1.17, East Wing, Somerset House.

With Professor Soren Holm, January 19, 2015

With Professor Soren Holm, January 19, 2015

With Professor Brian Hurwitz and Professor Soren Holm.

2014 Events

October 16-19, 2014: 16th Annual Meeting American Society for Bioethics & the Humanities, San Diego “Speaking of… eligogenics, or genetic technologies applied for selective reproduction”.

September 4, 2014: Leeds Metropolitan University “Sporting Females: Past, Present and Future,  “Unfair advantage and the myth of the level playing field in athletic competition”.

April 8, 2014: Oxford-Mt Sinai Bioethics Consortium: “Performance enhancement, elite athletes and anti-doping governance: Towards a shared participatory responsibility for doping“.

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