• Sunday November 3rd, 2019 at 4 pm, I participated in a debate at Battle of Ideas titled “Caster Semenya, running into controversy: genes, gender and sport
  • On October 10th, 2019 I participated in a debate with Julian Savulescu on ‘Doping in sport’ for the MSc in Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford.
  • In April I presented a paper at the British Philosophy of Sport Annual Conference (Oxford April 2nd-5th) titled “Unfair advantages in sport: What sort of evidence should the Court of Arbitration for Sport consider in relation to the ‘Semenya, ASA and IAAF’ case?”
  • MaiSi Erasmus Mundus Programme MA Prague March 27-29th, 2019. I taught four sessions for the students of the Sports Ethics & Integrity MA funded by the European Union on the topic of ‘unfair advantages: testosterone, assistive technology, and race in sport’. Great cohort, fantastic discussions! thanks to Professors Jim Parry and Irena Martinkova for inviting me.