About me

I am a bioethicist with an interdisciplinary background in medical biotechnologies, ethics and philosophy of medicine.  

I have worked at the intersection of technology, ethics and society in a variety of contexts at the cutting edge of innovation for over 12 years, since I left the wet lab to start a career in bioethics.

My current areas of active research are ethics and sport (biotechnologies applied to the context of sport, as well as gender, ethics and sport); public health policies, and covid-19 (public health ethics in the pandemic, investigation of roles and types of expert knowledges in the management of health crisis); reproductive ethics (reproductive rights; prenatal screening, genetic technologies applied to the context of assisted reproduction) as well as clinical research ethics (ethics of drug development, with a focus on early clinical trials and their epistemological and ethical justification).

I am currently based (October 2022 – December 2023) in the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Solidarity, Department of Political Sciences, University of Vienna.

This website collects information about my current research, publications and works in progress, as well as op-eds and other essays, as well about future speaking engagements.

I can be contacted at




The image used as header is “Human eye“. Credit: Kate WhitleyAttribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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