Bioethics & Society Coffee Breaks

This is an informal networking & career development series in bioethics, which I launched during lockdown in 2020. Each coffee break session features the career of one of the amazing Bioethics & Society alumni. The session lasts for about 1 hour and offers the opportunity to network with peers. The sessions are usually not recorded as they’re informal.

Here are some of our recent guests:

Joel Janhonen (class of 2021). Joel is a Finnish bioengineer and a recent graduate of Bioethics & Society MSc. He is researcher at the Finnish Institute of Bioethics participating in EdTech development and international collaboration on the psychosocial outcomes of genetic testing for cancer predisposition syndromes.  Joel presented a new bioethics EdTech project he’s been leading on in the field of empirical ethics, the MyBioethics mobile application. MyBioethics team is eager to collaborate with users by sharing findings and data-based hypotheses. You can contact Joel at:

Alex Pearlman (class of 2018). Alex Pearlman is a science and technology journalist and a bioethicist. Her reporting and commentary on emerging issues in research, health policy, and biotechnology has appeared in numerous leading national and international media outlets, including Stat, New Scientist, MIT Technology Review, The Boston Globe, Vice, and elsewhere. Her work was featured in the recent Showtime documentary “Citizen Bio.” You can subscribe to her weekly email about emerging biotech (“Sex, Drugs, and Biotech“), follow her on Twitter @lexikon1, and on Instagram @a_n_pearl

Paige Fitzsimmons (class of 2017). Since September 2021, Paige is a DPhil candidate in the Department of Population Health Department at the University of Oxford. Previously, she was an Associate Fellow of the GE2P2 Global Foundation, where she worked as Associate Director of the Foundation’s Center for Informed Consent Integrity, editor of Informed Consent: A Monthly Review and Programs Manager for GE2P2. Paige is currently co-leading an initiative to analyze and strengthen informed consent in genomic medical/gene therapy across clinical trials, compassionate use, and clinical practice.

Louisa Howard (class of 2017). Louisa Howard is currently a resident in Family Medicine at the University of Michigan (class of 2024). She was recipient of the 2020 Pisacano scholarship of the George Washington University School of Medicine for an outstanding medical student who has made a commitment to family medicine.  Louisa studied Bioethics & Society at King’s in 2016/2017. Before coming to King’s, Louisa spent two years as a clinical research fellow in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease at the NIH, where she worked within Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Laboratory of Immunoregulation, supporting an investigational medication research trial for the treatment of Hepatitis C. Louisa has a passion for integrative medicine and reproductive health. Her essay “Trapped by Texas “TRAP” (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) Laws: The conflict between law and conscience” (whicih she wrote while she was a postgraduate student at King’s)  won the 2018 Academy of Medicine of Washington D.C. Essay contest.

Soho Yoon (class of 2019). Soho completed the MSc programme in 2019 with her dissertation “Qualitative Analysis of Health Communication Strategies in the Korean Anti-Smoking Campaign”. She is currently working as a researcher at the Asian Institute of Bioethics and Health Law which is housed in the Yonsei University, South Korea. The projects that she is currently managing are 1) Designing National Plan for Rare Disease Management in South Korea (with Korean CDC) and 2) Ethical Implication of Usage of Nano-medicine Technology. She is responsible for conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis of research as well as managing multiple sub-projects.

Frances Butcher (class of 2016). Fran is a public health doctor (registrar) and PhD candidate at the University of Oxford.  After completing the Bioethics & Society programme, she started specialty training in public health in Oxford, where she worked at organisations including the University of Oxford, Oxfordshire County Council, NHS England, Public Health England, and was a 2019 Fellow on the John Hopkins Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Programme.  In 2019, she started her PhD at the Ethox Centre, University of Oxford, supported by a Wellcome Trust Fellowship for Health Professionals in Humanities and Social Science. Her research explores ethical dimensions of global health security in the context of acute infectious disease outbreaks.

If you’re interested in attending or giving one of the sessions drop me a note at

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