New open-access editorial for the Journal Bioethical Inquiry on Ethics and Reproduction: “Rearranging Deck Chairs on a Sinking Ship?”

In the spirit of a “Bioethics Forecast,” at the beginning of 2017 I made some predictions for what would keep us bioethicists busy for the rest of the year (Camporesi 2017). Of course, as with most predictions, most of mine missed the mark. As 2017 comes to a close and we prepare to turn the page and welcome the new year, it is worth looking back at some of them to reflect on the main bioethics, and biopolitics, features of this year. Of the ten forecasts I made at the beginning of 2017, in my role as Associate Editor for Ethics and Reproduction I will comment only on those pertaining to reproductive ethics. I will then conclude with some more general reflections on the state of bioethics. Disclaimer: many of the topics below are skewed towards the United Kingdom, the country where I work.

The full content of this editorial is available open access here:


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