Upcoming seminar October 19th, 2022 “COVID-19 narrative research seminar”

Dear colleagues

You are invited to our COVID-19 narratives research seminar on 19 October 2022.


  • 8pm to 9:30pm, Melbourne Australia AEST
  • 11am to 12:30pm, London
  • 12pm to 1:30pm, Johannesburg

All welcome!

Please register here.

The zoomlink will be sent prior to the event.

For more info contact mark.davis@monash.edu

Abstracts and Bios

Proportionality in public health ethics, fear and state of exception: a narrative ethics approach to lockdown in Italy in 2020

Dr Silvia Camporesi, King’s College London

This article focuses on lockdown in Italy in 2020 and proceeds as follows. I first provide a background on lockdown measures in Italy in 2020 and on the institutional framework for crisis management in Italy. I then outline the public health principles of proportionality and least infringement, before moving on to present the public perception and lived experiences of the ban on outdoor exercise in Italy in 2020. I then present a critical narrative ethics analysis of the Emilia-Romagna Governor Stefano Bonaccini’s decision to introduce the restriction on outdoor exercise. I conclude discussing the implications of specific narratives employed to frame the emergency for the mobilisation of types of expert knowledge to manage the crisis, for construction of cultural memory of the pandemic, and for its biopolitical legacy.

Covid Autofictions

Dr Maria Vaccarella, University of Bristol

This presentation will explore creative writing responses to Covid19, more specifically fake Covid narratives on social media and established writers’ literary responses to Covid. I am interested in investigating to what extent these narratives contribute to and interrogate the presence of a globalized medical, as well as literary, community, while relying on an intricate web of transhistorical intertextual references.

Online seminar Weds September 7th 6:15 pm BST “Proportionality in public health ethics at the time of covid-19 “

As part of the Institute of Medical Ethics seminar series, I’m giving a seminar via Zoom on Wednesday September 7th on the topic of proportionality in public health ethics, focusing on the Italian case study of lockdown in 2020.

Time is 6:15 to 7:15 BST (London time) and you can find the details and zoom link here.

All welcome!

Two papers at the 19th Biennal European Society for Health and Medical Sociology August 25th-27th

Very excited about resuming conferencing in person again very soon!

I will be giving two papers at the 19th Biennal European Society for Health and Medical Sociology conference, with theme “Healthscapes. Shaping the future of the post-pandemic society”.

The first paper is titled “What experts? Whose advice? The “Delphi oracle” and “Moses tablets” in the management of the covid19 health emergency in Italy” with Giorgia Dal Fabbro (University of Trento), and Professor Federica Angeli (University of York) and is based on our work for ESCaPE project published earlier this year:


The second paper is titled “A public health ethics perspective on age-based COVID-19 preventive measures in Southern Switzerland” and is a work in progress with Dr Laurie Corna, Dr David Maciariello, and Professor Stefano Cavalli (University of Applied Sciences & Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI))

Giorgia Dal Fabbro presenting our research on evaluation of expert advice in the pandemic at ESHMS.

The full programme of the conference can be dowloaded here.