Appointment to WADA Ethics Expert Advisory Group

I am delighted to have been appointed to the WADA Expert Ethics Advisory Group for two years.

The Expert Ethics Advisory Group is called upon to review “urgent or contentious ethical issues that may arise in the fight against doping in sport, and to develop and/or recommend ethically sound policy or suggestions to WADA’s Management as deemed appropriate by the Group”.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (more commonly known as WADA) exists to lead sports movements and governments around the world in researching and monitoring doping, while also developing anti-doping capacities and enforcing the World Anti-Doping code.

It was established in 1999 after a doping scandal in the cycling events of the 1998 Olympic Games shook organisers and the public. Since then WADA has enjoyed the support of public and private sporting bodies, inter- and nongovernmental organisations, public authorities and governments in their efforts to combat doping in international sport.

I look forward to working together with a terrific team of internationally renowned scholars led by Professor Bartha Maria Knoppers at McGill University.

Terms of reference and current composition of WADA’s expert advisory group is available here:,suggestions%20to%20WADA’s%20Management%20as

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