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Podcast “World, we’ve got this: Ethics and Pandemics”. A conversation with Julia Stepowska and Caitlin Gardiner

How does a doctor know which patient to save during a pandemic, when resources can be limited? And how ethical is it to put everyone under lockdown? Does trust in our government predict whether we will socially distance ourselves?

In this in conversation episode of WORLD: we got this, we speak with Dr Silvia Camporesi, Senior Lecturer in Bioethics and Society, and Caitlin Gardiner, an A&E doctor in London and a King’s master’s student in Bioethics & Society. We explore our personal experiences living and working in the UK, Italy and South Africa during this strange time and how bioethics comes into practice.

You can listen to the episode of KCL podcast “World, we got this: Ethics and pandemics” here:

and access the transcript of the conversation here.

Many thanks Julia Stepowska for inviting us to have a chat with you about ethics and pandemics!

“Non doveva per forza andare cosi’ ” per Micromega Online

Le mie riflessioni sull’etica della pandemia ora anche in italiano per Micromega Online:


Per il testo in italiano si ringrazia Alessio Mattana per la traduzione e l’assistenza editoriale, e Giulia Cavaliere, filosofa morale all’University of Lancaster, per la lettura e i commenti.