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New Huffington Post opinion piece on “The Ethics of Registering Future Children to Nurseries”

On my way home from work one day a couple of weeks ago I was reading as usual one of the evening newspapers on the Tube. One story by Anna Davis in particular caught my eye. “Mums scramble for London nursery places when they are just 12 weeks pregnant: One even tried to register BEFORE she had conceived.” […]

childrenIt is nothing new that parents in London go to extremes to enroll their children in the “right” school. Everybody who has lived in London long enough has heard a friend’s or relative’s story of Londoners moving neighborhood to get their children into a good school, of attending church in order to secure a place for their child at a faith-based school, or of parents renting a house somewhere in another neighborhood orchanging their address to their parents’ home in order to be eligible to sign up their kids to school in the catchment area, or other extreme tactics to get a child into what it is consider a good school.

But registering children to nursery before they exist really seems to be the extreme, and raises many ethical questions.

Click below to read the rest of the piece, published on the Huffington Post blog (Education) on June 11, 2015: