New research output EScAPE project: Mobilization of expert knowledge and advice to manage the COVID-19 emergency in Italy in 2020. 

Expert knowledge and expertise are increasingly important to support of effective decision making. In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, most nations have put in place new institutional mechanisms to secure expert advice in a variety of contexts to inform public health response.

The goal of the ESCaPE research project is to comparatively investigate the ways in which scientific knowledge is being used to inform policy in response to the Covid-19 emergency. Colorado, aiming at a comparative, international evaluation of mechanisms of science and more in general of expert advice in the pandemic emergency.

I am leading the Italy case study, with Professor Federica Angeli, Chair in Management at the University of York, as co-lead. We are assisted in this research by Giorgia Dal Fabbro of the University of Trento.


Camporesi, S., Angeli F., Dal Fabbro G (2022) Mobilization of expert knowledge and advice for the management of the COVID-19 emergency in Italy in 2020.  Humanities and Social Sciences Communications doi 10.1057/s41599-022-01042-6 available OPEN ACCESS here:

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