US and UK policies on Genome Editing/CRISPR-Cas9

Here is my take on the US and UK policies on genome editing/CRISPR-Cas9 for the Huffington Post Science blog.

Riding the wave of the recent Parliamentary approval of human embryonic mitochondrial DNA replacement techniques, the UK now wishes to continued to be portrayed as a pioneer and model for responsible research and innovation for other countries. It is therefore plausible to speculate that a HFEA license will be granted to Niakan’s research group, although probably it will be narrow in scope and in duration. […] I believe that we as bioethicists have a responsibility to try and bring to the surface the underlying forces that that shape the ethical boundaries of a particular debate. Political, social and economic factors shape ethics and policy making, as they shape science and technology in different ways in different countries.”

To read the full article click here: 

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