A first-person perspective on the covid-19 outbreak in Italy – for AEON

I wrote a first-person perspective on the covid-19 outbreak in Italy for the online magazine AEON. In the essay (3,900 words, published on April 27th, 2020) I talk about allocation of scarce resources, intergenerational ethics, and tensions in public health ethics between the public good and individual freedoms. I also share some details of my personal life and how it was impacted by the covid-19 outbreak in Emilia-Romagna.

It was a real pleasure to work with AEON Senior Editor Sally Davies for this essay.



Forli’ in the time of covid-19 with benches cordoned off- March 2020 (photo by the author)

7 responses to “A first-person perspective on the covid-19 outbreak in Italy – for AEON

  1. Andrew Lawford

    I read your article and just wanted to say: thank you, what a breath of fresh air. We can but hope that the current atmosphere changes as we start coming out of lockdown.


    • Global Health & Social Medicine

      Thank you Andrew! 🙂 Yes, let’s hope so…
      although more ethical challenges (re contact tracing etc) lie certainly ahead.


  2. Thanks for a great article! Just an explanation of why running is not welcome in covid19 times:

    (There are several videos and articles showing spreading of droplets by people running, coughing, sneezing, even talking.)


  3. Global Health & Social Medicine

    Thanks Gordana for reading my essay and for the link to the video, point taken about possibility of becoming infected going running. However, I think my argument about the lone runner still stands. I don’t see how a ban on individual running can be justified from a public health perspective.


  4. Albert Farrugia

    Professor,please publish this article widely in Italian as well.

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